Typical in-home equipment

  • Heat Interface Unit (HIU) – This acts as the boiler and provides you with heating and hot water from our network. This is in a closed unit and should not be opened for safety reasons.
  • Thermostats and/or programmers – These control the Heat Interface Unit and allow you to adjust the temperature.
  • Heat Meter – The heat meter records your heating and hot water usage and provides Metropolitan with remote readings.
  • Home Display Unit – The home display unit is your smart meter. It is a hand-held device so you can place it in your home wherever is convenient for you. This allows you to view your usage and how much you have spent on heating and hot water.

Who is responsible for the heat equipment?


  • Energy Centre
  • Heat network from Energy Centre to each home or business
  • Heat Interface Unit


  • Taps
  • Radiators
  • Underfloor heating
  • Thermostats and programmers


Peace of mind

There are no extra charges for you to worry about if things go wrong with our equipment. All HIU servicing and repairs are included in your heating charge. In the unlikely event of you finding yourself with no heating or hot water, throughout your entire home, please contact us on 02920 100346.

For any other issues with your heating system, which is not our responsibility, for example a faulty programmer, only one room heats up, or if there’s one hot tap that doesn’t work, then you should speak to your building management company, if you are the homewoner, who can advise you on a suitable trades person to contact.  If you are a tenant, you should report these to your landlord.