On your next bill which will be generated on 23rd October, you’ll notice we have made some small changes. These changes will make it easier for you to understand exactly how much heat and hot water you are using.

What are the changes

All your previous bills have only showed you a charge for the amount of hot water you used during the billing period.

Now, you will be able to view:

You’ll also now be able to view your hot water meter reads online through your Metropolitan account.

These changes will help you to keep a closer eye on your usage which may help you to be more energy efficient, and in turn help lower your bill payments.

This is how you’ll see the changes on your bill

This is what your previous bills looked like:

This is what your new bills will look like:

We value your feedback

Your opinion is always important to us, as it helps us to continually improve. If you do have any feedback on your bills, or anything else to do with our service, we would love to hear it. Just get in touch with us with your thoughts; whether they are good or bad!

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If you need some additional support, join our Priority Services Register, by calling us, sending us a contact form or chatting to us live online.