Metropolitan operates the heating and cooling network and energy centre at King’s Cross in London, as well as owning and operating the fibre, water, wastewater and electricity networks. This landmark 67-acre development is one of the largest and most prestigious regeneration projects in the UK and the first of its kind to move it entire gas supply to green gas.

King’s Cross has announced the deal with Iona Capital, a leading low carbon investor based in London, which will see the development switch to green gas, so that all the heating and hot water for the estate’s 2,000 homes, 4 million sq ft of offices, retail and dining space will be powered by green gas.

40,000MWh of green gas will be delivered to King’s Cross per annum, generated from an anaerobic digestion facility in Scotland. King’s Cross will use the green gas to supply its on-site energy centre, operated by Metropolitan, specialists in low carbon district heating systems.

The energy centre generates heating and hot water for the whole of King’s Cross using large boilers and by capturing the heat generated by the Combined Heat & Power engines which provide renewable electricity for the estate. Metropolitan King’s Cross distributes heating, hot water and electricity to its occupiers and businesses using its estate-wide district energy network.

Green gas currently represents less than 1% of the UK gas market. The King’s Cross deal will support the anaerobic digestor facility to expand its operations and enable further investment in the future of renewable energy. By switching its gas supply to green gas, King’s Cross will reduce its predicted annual carbon footprint of 31,000 tonnes by 50% and save 16,000tC02 per annum from being released into the atmosphere, equivalent to the average carbon emissions of around 1,600 Londoners.

Claudine Blamey, Head of Sustainability for King’s Cross, commented: “This is an exciting and significant step for King’s Cross and its journey to zero carbon. We are proud that we’re now able to serve our customers with green energy while keeping energy tariffs the same. We know that the UK faces a significant challenge in providing heating for homes and businesses whilst also being able to deliver on its commitments to decarbonise, and we hope this will encourage more investment in the green gas sector.”

Andrew White, Managing Director of Metropolitan, commented “We are delighted to be involved in such a prestigious project championing the way we heat our homes and workplaces as we move to net zero. This is an exciting time on our transition to decarbonise our energy systems, and heat networks are now a fundamental part of the UKs energy strategy. King’s Cross is a great example of how existing heat networks can also be extended and retro-fitted with low carbon heat sources and technologies.”